The process is similar to using yeast to turn sugar into alcohol, in order to make beverages like beer, wine, or kombucha, or foods like miso or sauerkraut. In this case we feed microalgae plant-based sugars, which they convert into oil. We grow the microalgae in large stainless steel fermentation tanks, in order to optimize growth conditions by providing a highly controlled environment. The result is a more efficient process resulting in consistent product and high oil yield. Once removed from the fermentation tanks, microalgae is dried and expeller pressed to extract oil followed by a process designed to remove impurities and provide a safe product. A key benefit of working with microalgae is that it can metabolize a wide range of sugar types to make oil. We currently make oil with sugarcane in Brazil, but in theory we could make this oil anywhere on demand as long as there is a suitable sugar source.